TRQF Cap Torque-Force Tester

Torque and Top Load force Tester for CR closures

TRQF Child Resistant Cap Torque Tester

Wireless Torque-Force Tester for:
- Testing torque and Top Load on Child Resistant Closures

TRQ2 Cap Torque Tester

Cap Torque Tester

TRQ2 cap torque tester

Desktop closure Torque Tester 
Wireless Bluetooth operation
Optional Quick Lock container fixing

TRQ1 Cap Torque Tester

Cap/capper Torque Tester


Wireless hand Torque Tester for:
- Closure torque testing
- Capper chuck torque control on capper machines

SB-F Smart Bottle - Force

Test Bottle for Top Load force testing

Smart Bottle - Force

Wireless Force Testing Bottle
Testing dynamic Top Load force on running crown cork capping machines on the production line