1 - Install the SmartLoadCell Android application on your device! (application will be shared at purchase, or can be downloaded from Support / Customer area with your unit sn and your pin code)

2 - Pair your SmartLoadCell with your device and connect

3 - Personalize your settings:

Choose measuring mode:

Continuous – records all measuring points from start to stop – Result:  maximum value. This mode is ideal for monitoring longer procedures with several peaks

Single peak – Measurement stops automatic after the 1st peak. Result: maximum value

Double peaks – Measurement stops automatic after the 2nd peak. Results: Max1, Max2

Multiple peaks – Records only the maximum values of the test cycles – 1 test cycle is represented by 1 point on the diagram. This test is generally used for testing hundreds of cycles

4 - Select measuring unit

5 - Set trigger level (the “start signal” of the measurement)

6 - If you need range checking, set high and low limits. (by 2-channel unit select the “primary” channel too)

7 - Set Y scale for the diagram’s scaling

8 - Select sample rate (6,25 – 400 Hz)

9 - Set turn off time (SmartLoadCell automatic shut down after disconnecting)

Measurement can be started/stopped by tapping the diagram field on the display.

Enjoy the freedom of telemetry!

What to do with your results?

  • Add comments
  • Save
  • View from the history – diagram can be zoomed and scrolled
  • Send to pc on Bluetooth, wifi, mobile internet or USB cable

On the PC: the included data manager program can:

  • convert results to csv-file (excel compatible)
  • display the results with diagrams
  • make statistical analysis of the results
  • create report from the individual results or from the statistical analyses