SM-S Wireless Bluetooth S-Load Cell

Tension-compression load cell


Wireless Bluetooth S-beam Load cell

Tension and compression measuring

Capacities: 100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton, 2 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons

RT Rope Tension meter

Wireless Rope Tension sensor

Rope Tension meter

Wireless Rope Tension meter for:
- Testing working load on ropes
- Weght check on ropes

Smart Tens

Wireless Rope Tension sensor

Smart Tens Rope Tension Meter

Wireless Rope Tension meter for:
- Testing working load on ropes
- Digital sailing

ST Smart Tens 2

BluetoothRope Tension sensor

 Smart Tens Rope Tension Sensor

BluetoothRope Tension meter for:
- Testing working load on ropes
- Force check on ropes

Smart Crane Scale

Wireless Crane Scale


Wireless Bluetooth Crane Scale

Lifting load cell with hook and shackle

3 different sizes with capacities: 2, 5, 10 Tons

TWR Torque Wrench Calibrator

Torque Wrench Tester

Torque Wrench Tester

Wireless Torque Wrench Tester for:
- Torque wrench calibration
- Torque control on wrenches

TPL Top Load Force tester

Top Load force tester


Expanding wireless force meter
Top Load force test on capping machines
Spring load testing 


TRQ1 Cap Torque Tester

Cap/capper Torque Tester


Wireless hand Torque Tester for:
- Closure torque testing
- Capper chuck torque control on capper machines

TRQ2 Cap Torque Tester

Cap Torque Tester

TRQ2 cap torque tester

Desktop closure Torque Tester 
Wireless Bluetooth operation
Optional Quick Lock container fixing

TRQF Cap Torque-Force Tester

Torque and Top Load force Tester for CR closures

TRQF Child Resistant Cap Torque Tester

Wireless Torque-Force Tester for:
- Testing torque and Top Load on Child Resistant Closures

SB-TF Smart Bottle - Torque-Force

Smart bottle for Torque and Top Load testing

Smart Bottle Torque-Force

Wireless Torque-Force Measuring Bottle
Testing dynamic Torque and Top Load on running capper machines

SB-F Smart Bottle - Force

Test Bottle for Top Load force testing

Smart Bottle - Force

Wireless Force Testing Bottle
Testing dynamic Top Load force on running crown cork capping machines on the production line

SB-T Smart Bottle - Torque

Test Bottle for Torque testing on capping machines

Smart Bottle Torque

Wireless Torque Testing Bottle
Testing dynamic Torque on running capper machines

Smart Strain Gauge module

SmartStrainGauge system

Smart Strain Gauge module

Easy install strain gauge for custom applications.

Any object can be converted to a load sensor by applying SmartStrainGauge(s) to it:

- Kayak paddle
- Golf club/potter
- Aircraft wing