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The SLC-ST tension meter is a wireless load cell for testing working loads on ropes, mainly in sports related applicaitons. For quick attacment use it with carabiners, sackles or soft loops. Available load ranges: 150 and 500 kg (0.15 & 0.5 Tons).SLC-ST Bluetooth Tension meter


SLC-ST Smart Tension Meter

Rope tension measuring
Main industries: Sailing, rigging, rope technics (alpine), industry
Application area: R&D, material testing



SLC-ST Wireless Rope Tension Meter

• Small, handy, wireless
• Force-time graph drawing and saving
• Range analysis
• Connectivity of up to 7 load cells / smartphone (with the SmartLoadCell_multi application)
• High storing capacity on the smartphone
• Graph zooming and scrolling in the history
• Adding comment to the results before saving
• Free Android application
• Included pc software
• 3 years warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories NA
Smartphone requirement 1 GB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, 4 GB ROM
Android version Android 4.4 or higher
Measuring range 5 sizes: 150 kg, 500 kg, 2Tons, 3 Tons, 5 Tons
Units of measurement Kg, N, Lbf
Displayed values Réel, Max1, (Max2), graphique couple-temps
Accuracy +/- 0,5% F.S.
Safe Overload 120%
Maximum measuring frequency 400 Hz (2.5 ms)
Range analysis Yes – In range / under range / over range, with Over Range Alarm function
Capable closure types NA
Maximum sample size NA
Calibration kit available
Operation time 2-3 hours
DC supply Micro USB
Bluetooth range 20-40 m on air
Included software Android application, Data manager for PC
Memory Thousands of results (phone memory)
Maximum length of recordings: 5000 points
Stored data’s Measurement nr, peak results, date, time, graph, instrument serial number, comment, calibration date
Resistance grade IP 65
Language English
Dimensions: Footprint / Height 60x60x30 mm
Net weight 85, 125 g
Shipping packaging Heavy duty waterproof case
Shipping dimensions No
Shipping weight 1 kg
Country of Manufacture Hungary
Warranty 3 ans

SmartLoadCell has 4 different measuring modes. Relevant modes for this application:


Continuous mode

It is recommended to use MAX LIMIT setting with sound signal for using for torque control on on torque torque wrench



What to do with your results?

  • Add comments
  • Save
  • View from the history – diagram can be zoomed and scrolled
  • Send to pc on Bluetooth, wifi, mobile internet or USB cable

On the PC: the included data manager program can:

  • convert results to csv-file (excel compatible)
  • display the results with diagrams
  • make statistical analysis of the results
  • create report from the individual results or from the statistical analyses

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